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Passport Appointment is very easy to secure! If you’ve experience before having a hard time booking or scheduling a passport appointment thru DFA website, worry no more! That’s because the website and the Passport Application process has been modified for improvement that will benefit the public.

The DFA has implemented a new way on how to apply for a Philippine Passport which includes a “Pay first the Processing fee before it gets confirmed” scheme. The thing is, applicants who want to secure a passport appointment requires to pay the processing fee before their appointment will be confirmed.

Failure to pay the appropriate amount of processing or application fee to the authorized payment centers such as Bayad Center will result to expiration of the initial booking.

We won’t be making the introduction much longer ’cause we know that you’re dying to know how to schedule a Passport Appointment in DFA Website.


To book an appointment, we advise everyone to go to the official website of Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). You can visit their website by typing in the www.passport.gov.ph in your browser.

In the MENU which is located at the upper portion of the DFA website, click on the Schedule an Appointment link.

Passport Appointment

This will direct you to the Appointment page.

You’ll see a checkbox and a text next to it saying “I have read and understood…”, click the check box and select the appropriate button that suits you.

If you’re just booking a passport appointment just for yourself, you may click the Start Individual Appointment button.

While if you’re booking a passport appointment for two or more people, please click the Start Group of Appointment button.

Passport Appointment

A small pop up window will show up saying Appointment slots for Month to Month Year are still available. Don’t worry, it’s just a notification. You can proceed by pressing the OK button.

Passport Appointment


Right after the pop up window is gone, the page for Site Location selection will be displayed.

As an applicant, you have the option to select the Region, Country and Site where you want to apply for Philippine Passport.

For the purpose of this article, I will selected Asia Pacific, Philippines and DFA Manila respectively.

To know more where are the different branches of DFA located in Metro Manila, you may read our post: Where to Apply DFA Philippine Passport

Passport Appointment


The next page will be setting the Passport Appointment Date and Time. You have to choose from the slots available shown by the DFA website.

If you’re having issues finding an open slot, you just have to move the month by clicking the small arrow located at the right side of the Month and Year.

In my screen below, you can see that the month with available dates is August 2018. Beside that, you can see a small arrow which if clicked will trigger the change of month to September 2018.

When choosing the appointment date and time, please make sure to consider your schedule as cancelation of appointment are highly discouraged.

In the screenshot below, the date colored in green are available while the red ones are already full and no available slots.

After selecting your preferred date and time, click the captcha box (the one with the text saying “I’m not a robot”) and press the NEXT button to proceed with the next step.

Passport Appointment


This part of passport appointment booking forms part of your Passport Application Form so I advise everyone to make sure to double check and refrain from making any errors.

The page Personal Information requires you the applicant to enter your their personal information. All applicants must enter their personal information and that’s it.

Once done, press the NEXT button down below to move to the next stage of scheduling an appointment for your DFA Passport Appointment.

Passport Appointment


The next page Family Information is just a continuation of the previous page. Again, just make sure to type all the necessary details required correctly.

Press NEXT button once finished.

Passport Appointment


The page Application Information for DFA Passport Appointment allows applicants to choose between NEW or RENEWAL.

Obviously, the NEW Application type for passport is for the applicants who don’t have issued passport yet. You may read our article How to Apply Philippine Passport for the First Time for more details.

For NEW Application, you need to input the Basis of Philippine Citizenship. The other details are shown in the screenshot down below.

Passport Appointment

For Passport Renewal, your OLD Passport Number, Date of Issue and the Issuing Authority is required to be entered. You can refer to your old passport for your reference.

Obviously, you have to press NEXT to proceed to the next steps.

Passport Appointment


The next steps requires you to provide your Contact Information such as your Complete address, Occupation, Office address and their contact number.

Enter the information correctly. Press NEXT to move to the next page.

Passport Appointment

We’re almost done!

After completing the Contact Information page,  you will be directed to the same Personal Information page that you filled up. This time, you are required to double check what you’ve entered for possible errors or mistakes that you’ve made.

If you found one, you can easily edit the incorrect field or information by clicking the EDIT button located at the upper right portion of the screen.

Pro Tip: Read carefully each line to catch the mistakes. If you found one, just hit the EDIT button at the upper right side and it will allow you to edit the mistakes you made.

If you’re satisfied, press SAVE button to reflect the changes.

Passport Appointment

Once done editing, you may scroll down to the bottom until you reach the end of the page. You’ll see another captcha and the confirmation check box. You can refer to the image below.

Now click the check box “I’m not a robot” and the check box that says “I am aware that possession…”.

Lastly, click the CONFIRM button to proceed.

Passport Appointment

You will be directed to this page where you are asked to choose the Passport Application Processing Type.

There are two types of processing, Regular and Express Processing. The difference of the two are the waiting time.

Regular processing requires 10 to 15 working days for passport application processed within Metro Manila and 30 days if processed outside Metro Manila.

While Express Processing requires only 5 to 7 working days if processed within Metro Manila and 20 working days for passport application processed outside Metro Manila.

Regular Processing costs P 950 pesos while Express Processing cost you P 1200.

To know more about the fees, you may read our article that discusses the Passport Fees.

In the Payment Page, you will see the PAY NOWbutton. In case you’re wondering, you are now required to pay for your Passport Application in advance. As I’ve mentioned earlier, applicants are required to pay the application fees in advance before the DFA Passport Appointment gets confirmed or else it will expired and won’t get processed. This is the modification from the old process that the DFA implemented this August 2018.

For the sake of this tutorial, I will select the EXPRESS PROCESSING.

Click that PAY NOW button!

Passport Appointment

A small pop out window will be displayed. Please read this and once done, click the I AGREE check box below and click the PROCEED TO PAYMENT button.

Passport Appointment


DFA Epayment Services page is where payment for the passport application appointment is required to be settled by the applicant.

The page will show the applicant’s application fee which is compose of the Passport Fee (P1200), the Convenience Fee (P50) and the Total Amount Due (P1250).

Also, this page must show you your Passport Application Reference Number. This Reference Number will be used when you pay your Passport Application.

Click the PROCEED Button.

Passport Appointment

Again, a small pop out window will show up. Just press the CONFIRM button.

Passport Appointment

IMPORTANT! For some weird reasons, the Reference Number of my Passport Application didn’t show up (as show in the screen shot above)! I don’t know why. This Reference Number is very important. If you don’t have it, then what you did in the previous pages of your application are worthless.

The reference number should be shown in the text that says “This mode of payment is requesting for…

As an alternative, the Payment Reference number will be sent to your email by the DFA Website. Open your email address (whether GMAIL or YAHOO) then find thed email I’m talking about.

In the email, you can easily see the Payment Reference Number for your DFA Passport Appointment just like in the screenshot below.

Passport Appointment

The screen shot right down below is the perfect example. You can see there the Passport Reference Number, Expiration, Amount, Convenience Fee, Total Amount due and the Bar Code.

Passport Appointment

You have the option to choose from several authorized payment centers and pay the application fees. In my case, since I don’t want hassle and prefer convenience, I paid my Passport Application in the nearest Bayad Center.

Bayad Center will issue you a receipt which shows the Reference Number of your DFA Passport Application. Make sure to double check this because if you erroneously paid the wrong reference number, your application will not be process and your scheduled appointment will not be confirmed.

Passport Appointment

A confirmation email will sent to you (screenshot below). This confirms your appointment for Philippine Passport Application. Congratulations!

Passport Appointment

Important! In the link provided from the email, you can download your Philippine Passport Application Form. Print all the pages of the PDF document that you will get from that link. This includes the Checklist, Philippine Application Form and the E-Receipt.

Please bear in mind that you need to present these printed documents together with your Passport Requirements and Valid IDs.

You can now sit back and relax at the comforts of your home while you wait for the scheduled date of your application.


There you have it! See you on our next article on how to apply for Philippine Passport! Thank you!

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  • To Whom It May Concern,

    Good day!

    I am an OFW I tried to make an appoint of my passport renewal in the Philippines but when I am in payment terms I cancel because I cannot possible pay within 24 hours. I checked with my sister if she can pay on behalf of me and she agreed but when I go back to make an appointment the date which I selected is already not available, so I choose another date and time but I cannot proceed because it was showing that I need to cancel my first appointment and the problem I don’t know my appointment number and I used also hotmail which is not applicable.
    Can anyone help me?
    I will appreciate your earliest response.

    Thank you

  • Hi we are planning a family tour. Do we need to get an appointment sched kahit may kasama ako minors at senior. 5 yrs old , 12 yrs old and 62 yrs old. Bale lima kame lahat kasama ako at my wife. Thanks in advance

  • Hi ! I wasnt able to choose on the processing type because Im inactive for a while and it refreshed. So now I cannot view my appointment because it requires the code but Im not able to view it because of it. What will I do. Please respond. THANK YOU!

  • Hi! i did’nt receive an email from dfa which is the confirmation . now, what should i do? then I applied again but it showing need to cancel my previous appointment but how? what i should do i cant apply. please reasponse.

  • hi! i’d like to ask what if married na pero hindi pa ako nakakapag change name in any of my IDs. would it be fine to use my married name na sa passport? also, another question is, would it just be fine fo use my maiden name still but married na yung civil status? lastly, pwede kaya hyphenated ang gamitin na last name? what is your process and what’s better to do? thank you!

    • ang question po eh kung may maipepresent po ba kayong document or valid id sa mga scenario na sinabi nyo? Kung wala, then hindi po. example:

      using married name – do you have marriage contract?
      using maiden name – do you have any valid ids using your maiden name?
      hyphenated – again, do you have any valid ids and marriage contract to support your new name (using hyphenated)?

      If you’re asking my opinion, I’ll use the last name na meron akong enough valid ids and document to support it. but its just my opinion.

  • Good day, I have a problem in terms of my appointment code I would like to know what is it but the other day that I tried to set an appointment I haven’t paid the fees yet because I was supposed to pay it today so I decided to leave it first as a bookmark but when I came to the site again and nos that I’m going to pay it says there “Appointment code and my Email” but I don’t have any idea about that and not aware also so I tried to cancel it but don’t know how can you please help me retrieve my account again and cancel so that I can set another appointment and will pay the passport fees right away, I need to book an appointment asap. Thankyou.

    • Check mo po ang email mo, im sure nagemail po sila ng Passport payment reference number. though hindi mo din po macacancel yan dahil nga po di ka po bayad.

  • Good day!

    I did’nt receive an email from DFA which is the confirmation I was made the application on behalf of my brother yesterday . what should I do?

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