How To Schedule Another Passport Appointment If You Have An Existing One


I assume the reason why you’re reading this article is because you scheduled an appointment with the DFA Website for your passport application but you didn’t receive any email from them.

Truth is, the email confirmation that you will receive is important that it will determine the success of your application. If you didn’t received the first email from DFA which contains the Payment reference number then you’re doomed.

The appointment that you just booked will be useless since you can’t proceed to the next step.

We’ve been reading hundreds of comments and messages about the missing emails that Passport applicants didn’t receive. To be honest, we can’t do anything about it.

But what we can do to help everyone who’s going through this problem is to provide a solution.

We have developed this “work around” so we can help everyone who encounters this kind of problem. But before we give out the solution, we want you to carefully read this article so you’ll understand.

Suppose you’re trying to schedule an appointment in DFA Website. You select the date and time of the appointment and choose the DFA location, fill up several pages of the application form with your personal information then you’ve reached the DFA ePayment Services.

How To Schedule Another Passport Appointment If You Have an Existing One

The next step from here is to check your email and look for the email sent by the DFA Website. This email, as I’ve been mentioning several times earlier, contains the Payment Reference Number.

How To Schedule Another Passport Appointment If You Have an Existing One

Without this email, the next steps will not be possible. As directed by the DFA, all appointment bookings must be paid in advance. But what would you do if you don’t have this email?

If you try to book another appointment, the DFA Website won’t allow you. There’s a security feature embedded to the website that one appointment booking per applicant is implemented. That means, an applicant can’t book another appointments if he or she has an existing transaction.

The said existing transaction will be gone once the transaction is completed or deleted from the server of DFA Website.

Since the completion of the existing transaction is next to impossible and the we have no control of the server of DFA Website, we are now stuck with this problem. Where we can’t book another appointment.

If we try to book another appointment, we will be prompted by this error.

How To Schedule Another Passport Appointment If You Have an Existing One

Appointment already exists. Please cancel your previous appointment to book a new appointment schedule.

You can’t cancel your previous appointment because you don’t have the DFA Code because you didn’t receive the email.


It’s simple actually, book another passport appointment using a different personal information.

You might be confused or wondering why I’m asking you to schedule another appointment using a different information. Let me explain this to you.


Before we start, let me list down the things that you need.

  • Email Address – different from the email address that you’ve used from your previous/existing (failed) appointment booking. Let’s call this is your alternative or secondary email.
  • Mobile number (optional) – just like the email address, I need you to use another mobile number which is different from the mobile number that you’ve used from the previous or existing appointment booking. Let’s call this your alternative or secondary mobile number.

Now, let’s start.

Go back to the DFA Passport Appointment website and start (again) the booking of your passport appointment.

Select the DFA Site Location, Date and Time of your appointment. Nothing special about this step. Do this just like what you’ve done it previously. Press the next button once done to proceed with the next steps.

Now, this part is very important. You are now in the Personal Information Page. Where you are required to provide your personal information such as your mobile number and your complete name.

How To Schedule Another Passport Appointment If You Have an Existing One

In Phone Number and Mobile Number field, enter your alternative or secondary mobile number.

In the email address field, enter your alternative or secondary email address.

In the Last Name, First Name and Middle Name. Intentionally misspell your Last Name and First Name.

Say for example, your name is Rizal Jose Protacio. You can write it as Riazl Joes Protacio. See what I did there?

I intentionally misspelled my name by changing the position of the two letters from my Last Name and First Name. Do not try to correct this. It’s ok, trust me.

Note: The purpose of this will be explained later on.

Complete the application form and click the NEXT button. You’ll be doing the same process as is just like what you’ve did in your application.

When you reach the end of the application process, check your alternative or secondary email address if you received the email from DFA Website.

If you received it then you’re successful. You can now pay your passport application fee to the nearest Bayad Center so you can proceed with the next step.

Don’t forget to prepare all the updated passport requirements ahead of time so you won’t encounter any problem.

Just to explain what we did there. We intentionally misspelled your name to be able to book another appointment. The reason why it went through and passed the detection of the system is because the misspelled name is different from the correct one.

The name Jose Protacio Rizal is different from Joes Protacio Riazl. The system thinks that Joes Protacio Riazl is a different person.

Another reasons is you’ve used a different email address. Again, if the system checks if the alternative or secondary email address has a pending appointment booking in the database, it will not find any record,

When you received the Payment Reference Number, that’s the indication that your booking of schedule for your passport application is successful.  Hence, this ends our tutorial.


You’re wondering that you just misspelled your name. Your Passport will reflect the incorrect personal information.

What should you do?

This is a critical part of this trick. Since you misspelled your name, it is right to correct it. But how? You cannot edit your application form because its already saved in the database.

What you need to do is print your passport application form and write a note there that you have misspelled your name.

When you arrive at the Photo Capture and Biometrics part of the application process, make sure to mention your misspelled name to the DFA Personnel/Staff.

The DFA Staff will also ask for your confirmation if the information written are correct. Most of the time, a computer monitor will be shown to you. This is the chance you say that you need your name to be corrected.

If the DFA Staff asks you why you incurred an error, just say “I don’t know” or “Nagmamadali po sa pagta type…”

Please, for the love of God, don’t tell them that you learned this from us! haha

I would just like to repeat. You need to tell the DFA Staff/Personnel that there’s an incorrect information or your First and Last Name is incorrect so He/She can correct it. If you failed to do that, then you have a bigger problem!

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