How To Cancel Passport Appointment WITHOUT DFA Appointment Code


How To Cancel Passport Appointment Without DFA Appointment Code? Aaaaaah, The dreaded question.

We have noticed that there are a sudden spike of numbers in terms of the queries we are receiving daily regarding this question.

We noticed that more and more people have been encountering this type of problem on how to cancel passport appointment without the DFA Appointment Code.

By simple analysis, we identified the root cause of this problem and that is the passport applicant who tries to book a passport appointment in the DFA website doesn’t received his or her DFA appointment code thru email.

Hence the next action of applicant is to schedule another appointment for his or her passport application.

The problem arises when the applicant tries to schedule another appointment, he/she was prompted by the website that there is an existing appointment currently stored in the database of DFA Passport Scheduling System.

How To Schedule Another Passport Appointment If You Have an Existing One


If the applicant tries to cancel the previously scheduled appointment, they can’t! Because the DFA Website specifically asks to enter the DFA Appointment Code before it gets cancelled.

The thing is, DFA Appointment codes are only sent thru email right after you paid your Passport Application thru any of the Payment options such as Bayad Center, Banks or others authorised payment centers.

Another conundrum here is, where the hell do the applicant gets his appointment code if even the DFA Website fails to send it to the applicant’s email address?

Clearly, the website or the system is failing to perform what is its supposed tasks.

I just want to put emphasis on the culprit of this problem is the missing emails from DFA Website.


No. I personally tried to schedule an appointment for my passport renewal a week ago and all the emails that the DFA website were all in my inbox. I received it right after my session in applying for passport online. The second email which is sent after I paid my passport processing fee in Bayad Center.

I’m not really sure why this is happening to other applicants but the proof that people are leaving comments in our other articles asking for help to retrieve their appointment code is a proof that problem like this really exists!

I tried to replicate the problem by using a Yahoomail but I failed. The first email was sent right through my inbox.

How can an applicant cancel the appointment he or she have made previously without the DFA Appointment code.

To tell you frankly, NO you cannot cancel an existing passport appointment if you don’t have your DFA Appointment.

If you don’t believe me, here. Here’s the link to an article on how to cancel your passport appointment.

You’ll see there that the DFA Appointment code is required.

Just to put emphasis again, No (unfortunately), you can’t cancel your previous Passport Appointment without the DFA Appointment Code.


What should you do? How to cancel Passport Appointment without DFA Appointment Code?

It’s nearly impossible right? Nope! We’ve got you covered.

Based on our experience and what the DFA is saying, all the unpaid Passport Appointment will be deleted from their website’s servers so that the applicant can schedule another one.

Noticed that I used the “unpaid Passport Appointment”? That’s because your appointment booking really went through and the only problem is the email was not sent to you.

Going back to the issue, when will the website’s server delete my previous appointment? When will be the previously booked appointment be deleted from the website? We don’t know honestly. That’s the problem. The refresh is not that consistent. It’s supposed to be two working days from the date you made the appointment but this is not happening.

We’ve been hearing from people that it’s been a month but they can’t still book an appointment because it still exist.

Since we decoded how the DFA Passport Appointment System website works, we have formulated a work around to be able to address this issue. We have written a detailed guide on how to schedule another Passport Appointment if you have an existing one.

Please have time to read. This “work around” requires proper understanding of what you’re going to do. This is not a one-click-of-a-button solution. There are several steps to do to make it successful.

So please understand us and read the content/article.

To give you a brief explanation of the “work around” that we’re talking about, all you have to do is the following:

Step 1. You need to schedule an appointment again with DFA Passport Application website.

Step 2. Deliberately misspell your name (First Name and Last Name). For Example, your name is “Michael Santos”. You should enter your name as “Mcihael Snatos”.

Step 3. Use a different email address. The email address must be GMAIL and you can access it anytime. Make sure that this is different from the previous email address you’ve used.

Step 4. If you receive the first email sent by DFA website, then you’re half way through! That means you are up to the next steps.

Steps 5. Pay your passport application fees in any payment option offered by the Agency.

Steps 6. If after payment, you received the second email then you are almost there. You’re done with the hardest part.

Step 7. Print your DFA Passport Application Form. Once its printed, check your First Name and Last Name. You should see your misspelled name. On the printed application form, cross out your name in the middle of the letters (something like this: Mcihael Snatos) and above it, using a ballpen, write the correct spelling of your name.

Step 8. When the date arrives, go to the DFA Branch where you scheduled your appointment. Arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment. Bring all your DFA Passport Requirements.

If you are a minor, there’s a different passport requirements for minor that must be presented.

Step 9. When you reached the Photo Capture and Biometrics, make sure to notify the DFA Passport Officer that there’s an incorrect entry in your application form. Show him or her your correct name using your valid IDs.

Step 10. Proof read or check your Personal Information through the monitor shown to you by the DFA Passport Officer. Make sure that it’s correct. This is the last part of our formulated work around.

DFA Passport Officer will give you instruction on what to do next. If you will avail the home delivery service offered by the agency or not. Feel free to opt out but I recommend that you avail this to avoid hassle.

Let me remind you that Steps 9 to 10 are very important for this work around to be successful. If not, you’ll end up having a passport with misspelled name. So be sure to follow it carefully.

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  • How to Replicate this issue?

    Once you are redirected to “Process Payment” page/section simply refresh/ disconnect from the internet / close the browser / or reboot the PC

  • paano ko po i cancel ung appointment ko..papalitan ko po ng date at d ko rin po ma open ung email add po na nilagay ko..kaya gumawa po ako ng bago

  • Paano po kya magpareschedule ng appointment na cancel ko po yung dating appointment ko. Bayad na po yun hindi ko po alam kung paano ulit magpasched. Para d masayang ung binayad ko

  • panu po yun nagpaappointment kami kaso po walang refference # ang lumabas kaya di nakapagbayad tapos diko pa po ma cancel yung ppointment anu po gagawin ko ? eh need po ulit magpa appoinment

  • pan kaya yung sakin.. kpg kini click ko ung email skin pra ma view ung payment instruction.. lumalabas s link is “Invalid Transaction Request
    Sorry, but the reference number you supplied was invalid and needs to be fixed before you continue.
    Kindly contact our help desk support for further assistance” .. my ref. # nmn kya lng valid kya ung ref# for payment??

  • Gusto kong icancel yung appointment ko kasi wala naman aking nareceive na sa gmail ko na code or confirmation

  • Gusto ko po icancel appointment ko kasi ung nailagay ko pong email ko sa appointment ay di ko na maopen so diko po makikita ung appointment code ko gusto ko po magpascheduled ng bago

  • Tawag po kayo sa designated dfa office niyo kung saan po kayo mag-aapply sabihin niyo na hindi niyo nakuha yung appointment code. either gusto niyo icancel or iproceed yung bayad. Makikita po nila sa system nila if meron po kayong appointment sakanilang office. Makikita nila kung pending,paid or cancelled. Sila po ang makakatulong sainyo.

    • For update: Pag gusto niyo po mag apply po ulit mag hintay lamang po ng 24hours-48 hours po. Automatically po na macacancel ang inyong previous appointment at pwede na po kayo ulit magre-apply. Wala pa po daw system ang DFA for manual cancellation po kaya hindi po agad agad macacancel if wala pong appointment code. Mas better po if gawin po yung suggestion ng article po na ito. Kasi after kayo picturan po magtatanong at ipapakita naman sainyo yung computer kung tama lahat po yung details niyo. if nagmamadali lamang po kayo o kaya yung date na gusto niyo ay yun po talaga yung available kayo kasi po if mag antay kayo ng 2 days pa baka puno na po yung slot na gusto niyo,

      • Nag online po ako kanina s mobile ko tpos wla nman pong dumating n email ko tpos yng code ng babayaran ko pki cancel nlang po

    • Gusto ko po icancel appointment ko kasi ung nailagay ko pong email ko sa appointment ay di ko na maopen so diko po makikita ung appointment code ko gusto ko po magpascheduled ng bago

  • Nag online appointment po ako kahapon sa mobile ko ngayon ang tagal mag bigay ng referal code nag loading yung site hanggang sa na cancel ko yung site.wala dn akong na receive na email..ayon Hindi ko nga po ma bayaran kasi wala pa yung referal code..please pki cancel po yung appointment ko para mka start ako ulit ng bago..thanks

  • I just want to cancel my appointment in DFA passport because I do not know my appointment code, I can’t inter the website that i register

  • Hi po,pwede po pakancel nang appointment ko.Di ko din po alam na binabayaran na din pala.bigla ko po siyang nakancel.At nung gagawa na po ako ng bago sabe icancel muna yung previous.Thanks po

  • Pwde po pacancel ng appointment ko namali po kasi ako nung una di ko po kasi alam na nababayaran na pala yun nacancel ko po tapos nagtry ulit ako merun na daw ulit ako pero kailangan icancel yung una kaya wala po ako narerecieved na mail sa dfa. Salmat po

  • Pede po pa cancel ng passport appointment Kay Flordeliza Paramo Hindi po nag send nang appointment code sa email po nya.

    • This isn’t the official government website of DFA. The article literally just laid out the steps on how you can cancel the appointment yourself if you’re not given the appointment code. Did you read the article? I just tried it myself and instead of misspelling my name, I put an incorrect date for my birthday instead.
      Seriously, people should read and try to understand things first and foremost.

      • Hi Erik! May I just ask what happened with your application after using an incorrect birthday? Were you allowed to correct it on the day of appointment? Were you able to get your passport? I tried this method and I just want to make sure there won’t be any major problem on my appointment day. Thank you.

  • Gusto ko po i cancel ung unang appointment ko kc diko nameet ung 24hrs na bayaran.tas wala o akong maencode na appointment code kc wala po ako natanggap what will i do po

    • Kung wala ka pong natanggap na DFA Appointment Code, hayaan mo nalang po at mageexpire din yun. Kung gusto mo pong mag register muli, pwede po pero gumamit ka ng bagong email address, preferably, GMAIL po ang gamitin mo.

  • I wanted to cancel my first appointment because hindi ko nameet yong schedule nang payment ko kasi di nacheck na 24hours lang pala ang tagal nun. How can I actually cancel? I don’t have any code as well.

    • Wait for it nalang nag magexpire. pero it will take 2-5 days bago mawala ang iyong passport appointment. Pero kung hindi mo na ito mahihintay at gusto ng magset ang appointment, pwede ka muli mag register pero gumamit ka ng bagong email address.

      • hi po ask ko lng din ppo ksi ginawa ko din yun pero ganon pdin yung nlbas? what should i do then?

  • Ilang araw bago ulit makapg set ng appointment sa passport, kc nawala ung req ko need to get again new eh my sched n ako, i am trying to change pero d pwede kc d pa bayad

  • Ganun din nangyare sakin. Di ko alam kung paano o saan ako kukuha ng code kasi wala namang binigay na code sakin.

  • Ma’am/Sir paano po yun if nandun na po ako sa payment process tapos biglang nag start appointment po ulit then wala pong dumating na appointment code po. then nung nagtry po ulit akong mag fill up lumalabas po na meron po akong existing appointment. di ko po alam paano icancel. thank you po please help me po. Godbless po.

  • diko po makuha ang appointment code ko po sa renewal ng passport ko dahil d ko na mabuksan ang dati kong email ngayon po d ako maka renew dahil dko makita ang mga detail na inimail ng dfa pati pag babayad d ko makita ang ref no gusto ko ng i cancel muna

  • Mali po yung nailagay kong email address kaya wala po akong na-receive na code. Ano po ang maari kong gawin?

  • Hindi ko po kasi maopen ung email account ko kaya ndi kopo nareceive ung code ko.. pwede ko po ba palitan ung email ko.. salamat.


  • Paano po icancel appointment sa passport w/o appointment code .
    Kasi d ako naka bayad 24 hrs
    Gusto ko mag book ulit pls help

  • Paano po icancel ung appoinment sa passport without ung appointment code? Di po kasi ako nakabayad within 24hrs. And i want to book it again. Plsss help po…

    • Hello po. Pareho po tayo bg problema. Ano pong ginawa nyo? Nag book po kayo ulit? Pwedi pong paturo? I need help.

  • i encounter that kind of problem too, na retrieve niyo na po ba yung sa inyo?. plss help. kailangan ko na rin e renew passport ko. what did you do?

    • Hello bro,.. sundin mo lang yung instructions
      Pero siguraduhin mo rin na active ang email add na ginagamit mo.
      Kung FELIX SALINAS JR ka.. gawin mong FLEIX SALINAS JR.

      • hello po! ok lng po b na wag fill up middle name sa DFA? pwede kasing mag sched ng appointment ulit pag walang middle name.

  • I am scheduling an appointment for my son. Everything went well except I didn’t receive any appointment code. I’ve done the process twice and still the same. Please help me.

  • This online appointment thing ay isang malaking PALPAK! Pano ko nasabing palpak? Kasi wala kang matatangap na confirmation code matapos mong mag confirm, so pano ka makapag bayad ng processing fee? Palpak talaga ito! Pakiayos naman ng sistema nyo DFA! Sobrang hassle!

  • Hello, I just booked an appointment and guess what? pagdating ko sa payment bgla nagsabe na may error. Wala akong nareceive na code/reference number sa email ko! Pano ako makakabook ng another ngaun eh wala ngang code. napaka critical ng steps n tinuturo nyo, bakit d nyo nlng ausin ung system nyo tutal sa inyo naman ang glitch wala samen! We need to inform Pres Duterte about this! In 6-7 mos time maeexpire na passport ko! I need to renew it na, paano ako makakabalik abroad! Nakakainis

  • You did not e-mail the details. Your receipt do not contain reference no. The reference no. should be inserted in the receipt.

    Please correct your system ASAP.

  • Hello. How to cancal my appointment? Tama naman lahat ng nkalagay at na confirm ko ,ang prob ko is di ko na continue sa payment nai-back ko agad, so chineck ko ung email ko walang confirmation na lumabas .at nung nag sched ako ulit meron na daw ako existing appointment. ano po gagawin ko? thankyou

  • Good day,tanong ko lng po kung paano komababayaran ang passport wala nman binigay na ref.#.nka sched na po this coming april or kung paano i cancel ang appoinment sched?

  • Nung nagpaappoint ako may lumabas na payment method. then wala naman ako nakitang code ng dfa. so paano ko malalaman kung pumasok yung appointment ko sa kanila. mamaya pumunta ko ng dfa pending naman pala application ko. Hindi tuloy ako makapag paappointment ulit for another transaction.

  • Puponta na ba ako sa appointment date kasi ala po ako marecieve na ref no#. magbabayad na po sana ako. Pero nagconfirm po ako for payment. Yun nga lang po ala ako narecieve na refference number o mail lang for confirmation.

  • I tried to followed by altering my names but then pag punta ko nang dfa invalid daw yun. Nasayang lang ang 1,250 ko. This site is none sense!!!c

  • Nong gumawa po kc ako ng appointment nong ipriprint kona ung peprs na dadalhin ko sa bayad center ndi ko napasin ndi na copy ung acount nunber na un ang ttingnan ng bayad center pwa makabayad ako ng pa appointment ko na passport nung tininignan ng bayad center ang papel ko wlang acount number na nakalagay…ang nakalagay is pending……ndi nagbigay ng acoynt number so pano un…ma cacancel ndi na tuloy ako maka pa appointment ulit kc laging execist tpos nagkamli ako sa email na nalagay ko kulang ang spelling kya ndi ko ma open ang email..kc mali pala

  • Nong gumawa po kc ako ng appointment nong ipriprint kona ung peprs na dadalhin ko sa bayad center ndi ko napasin ndi na copy ung acount nunber na un ang ttingnan ng bayad center pwa makabayad ako ng pa appointment ko na passport nung tininignan ng bayad center ang papel ko wlang acount number na nakalagay…ang nakalagay is pending……ndi nagbigay ng acoynt number so pano un…ma cacancel ndi na tuloy ako maka pa appointment ulit kc laging execist

  • I cant schedule again a passport because the acount number is pending and when i print the papers for paying and wen i go to bayad center the employees said i dont have acount number because…its pending…so i schedule another one then i cant scehdule again…..because its alwys says exesting….wat can i do now..i cant shedule another one

    • This is what happend to me. I clicked the next button right after all personal info were encoded. And bam! Page cannot display. I was under the impression that the appointment didn’t pushed through since I checked also my email and there is none from dfa. So I tried making another appointment and I can no longer do it since the system is giving feedback that I need to cancel my previous appointment before scheduling a new one. So how can I cancel when there is no email confirmation or code for that matter needed for cancelling. So frustrating!!

  • Pno ko ma cancel previous appointment ko wala aqo nrereceive sa gmail ko ng reference code…gumawa aqo ulit ng bago pero ang note is need i cancel ung previous appointment…pls po pa help i dont know what i do…pls..

  • My reason why i need to cancel my appointments its because i wasn’t able to copy my reference code for my payments. I cannot open the email also its becaise tbats the mean problem the email i put in was wrong..I put period instead of underscore. Please sched will be this coming 22

  • I did not received my DFA code… How can i confirmed my sched? I tried many times checking on my email but. No. Code exist…please help me urgent.. My sched is on feb 18 2019..

  • I did not received my dfa code… Howcan i confirmed my sched? I tried many times checking on my email but. No. Code exist…pls help.. My sched is on march 9..pls help

  • Hi Po good evening..E cancel ko Po sana ang appointment scheduled ng March 6,2019 ,nagmali Po ang email add, Kaya wla akong tanggap n an code Kasi Jocelyn Lantacon Po un…,, salamat Po.

  • Hello po, hindi ko po na recieve ang email ng DFA code.. i cancel ko po sna ang appointment ko dko ma cancel kc wla akong code.. paanu po eto.. pls help nmn po.slamat

  • Hello po, hindi ko po na recieve ang email ng DFA code.. i cancel ko po sna ang appointment ko dko ma cancel kc wla akong code.. paanu po eto.. pls help nmn po.slamat

  • meron na po ba nakatry ng steps sa taas? ung minali ung spelling ng name? ano po nangyre? need ko po sana ng passport asap kaso di po ako nka bayad on time tapos hindi na po ako mkpag pa re sched ksi existing dw. pls heeelp 🙁

  • Same problem here…walang dfa codes na dumating kaya di ko poh macancel ung first appointment ko..
    I’ll try tha work around..and hopefully maging ok na xa…

  • Nag pa schedule po ako ng appointment kaso Hindi po agad ako nakapag bayad within 24hrs Hindi napo ba ako pweding mag bayad 3 days mapo kase lumipas patulong naman po thank you and God bless you all po.

  • Pano po kaya yung sakin aksidente napindot yung cancel appointment pano po ba yun maibabalik pa po ba kaya yun bayad na po ako syang namn yung binayad

    • Pano po kaya yung sakin aksidente napindot yung cancel appointment pano po ba yun maibabalik pa po ba kaya yun bayad na po ako syang namn yung binayad

  • I have no appointment code because i forgot that the email address i put there is my facebook email. So my question is how can i cancel my appointment without a appointment code. Plssss help me. Thanks

  • This work around is what i have in mind. I just did it. Sana effective pagdating ng appointment sched ko…..thank you sa nakaisip nito, ang taba ng isip. Iniisip ko pa lang may nagka idea na pala. Salamat po ulit and God bless

  • Good day, I hope you can help me. Nag fill up na po ako sa mga personl info ko tas nung dumating na ako sa point na magbayad na sana kaso napindot ko yung cancel at bumalik sa pinaka umpisa tas nag fill up na sana ako ulit kaso may nakalagay na appointment already exist pero wala akong natangap na appointment code, baka yun siguro kaso hindi pa ako nakabayad. How can you help me please.

  • Can someone please help us po.
    Pinakiusapan akong magplace ng appointment nang kakilala ko. But the thing is, iyong binigay nyang yahoo mail, hindi na pala active. Sinubukan naming mag place ulit ng online appointment pero kailangan pong icancel yong nauna. Pero dahil hindi active yong email add nya, hindi namin maicancel. Please help us po.

    • naku, problema po yan. dapat po active ang email address na ginagamit sa pag schedule ng appointment in passport application. try nyo po ng after several days baka po mawala na ung previous appointment nyong sinet for your passport.

  • i have a dfa appointment it was code sent in my gmail after i apply for my passport. but i did not pay it coz i got financial prob in no time. so the nxt month i apply again but it said i have previous appointment it will be november 14 2018 now is november and im trying to cancel it tru appointment code but it says appointment code not existing.. it was a code sent to me as reference to get paid.. the appointment code and the reference code sent to me is the same?. coz its the only code i recieve after i filled up my 1st application. and now im trying to cancel it using that but i cant proceed. does the rederence code and the appointment code they are looking are the same or not? hope u reply to me using tru my gmail

    • No, magkaiba po ang DFA Appointment code na hinahanap nila. yun po yung DFA Appointment code after mo mabayaran ang iyong appointment.

  • How to cancel my previous appointment without the dfa appointment code? lagi kasing sinasabi na may existing appointment na ako sa DFA Passport Website eh.. Need help!

    • Same situation here!!! Sabi sa website may existing appointment na ako for passport application? Pero wala naman akong natanggap na email. How can I cancel my previous appointment without the DFA Appointment code. Un kasi ang hinahanap kapag nagtatry ako mag cancel ng appointment.

      • I did not complete the appointment schedule process because i chose a regional office where processing takes to long (20 working days for rush application!). So I tried to schedule an appointment in a Metro Manila office and the prompt said I have an existing appointment. I did no complete the application process and I do nor have an appointment code. How do I cancel my supposedly existing application? I need to renew my passport asap.
        Hello DFA!

        • Nag pa schedule po ako ng appointment kaso Hindi po agad ako nakapag bayad within 24hrs Hindi napo ba ako pweding mag bayad 3 days mapo kase lumipas patulong naman po thank you and God bless you all po. wala po akong appointment code na na received .help please

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