How To Apply For Philippine Passport For The First Time


In this article, we’ll be discussing the new process on how to apply Philippine Passport for the first time.

Passport Application has been quite a headache for some of our applicants for this past couple of years. Most of the time, the issue that applicants encountered is the unavailability of schedule in different DFA location branches.

But due to the recent changes the DFA implemented, it opened a whole new possibilities to all applicants to easily and conveniently apply for a Philippine Passport.

We won’t keep you waiting, let’s start our tutorial!


We have written all steps on how you can get your very first Philippine passport for the first time so you can reach your #TravelGoals in the future!


You may read our separate article with regards to the Philippine Passport Requirements. We recommend that you read it.

To save you some time, below are few of the requirements needed on how to apply Philippine Passport for the First time.

  • Confirmed appointment from Philippine Passport website.
  • Birth certificate issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO)
  • Proof of Identity at least One (1) valid ID such as SSS ID or UM ID, Driver’s License or Senior’s Citizen’s ID. Please refer to our article about the Complete list of Valid IDs accepted in applying for a Philippine Passport.
  • Make sure that you have photocopies of each document. 2 each to be safe.
  • Two (2) copies of the eRECEIPT

Please note that if your Passport is Damaged, Mutilated or Lost, there’s a different application for this which we have written down right here.


  • Please go to the official website of DFA Philippine Passport website (
  • Select your preferred date and time for your convenience. Make sure that its available!
  • Complete the Passport application form required by the DFA website.
  • Check your email for the confirmation email sent by the DFA Website.
  • Congratulation! You just made your Passport appointment!

IMPORTANT! Please note that the following people are not required to secure a confirmed appointment.

  1. Senior Citizen with Senior Citizen ID
  2. Person with Disability (PWDs) with PWD ID or visible disability
  3. Solo Parent with Valid Solo Parent ID
  4. Pregnant women with medical certificate
  5. Minors seven (7) years old and below

These people may avail the PRIORITY LANE at DFA Aseana or at any DFA Satellite Office or Regional Consular Office to apply for your passport.


You are required to pay for the Philippine Passport in advance through the authorized Payment Centers listed.

  • Bayad Center
  • EcPay
  • Pera Hub
  • Robinsons Business Center and Department Stores
  • Waltermart Department Store
  • 7-Eleven
  • USCC (Western Union)
  • Villarica Pawnshop

All you have to do is provide the reference number you got from the email sent to you by DFA at any of the listed Payment Centers.

One reference number corresponds to one transaction. If you are paying for multiple reference numbers, you need to pay separately for each reference number.

You can read more about the Philippine Passport Fees here.

IMPORTANT! Keep the receipt that will be issued to you.


  • Before going to your scheduled appointment in DFA, make sure that you have ALL of your requirements.
  • Comply to the proper dress code. At least wear a clean pants and shirt, shirts with collars are encouraged but not required. Lastly, No sandos, shorts, and sandals allowed.
  • Make sure to be there 30 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • Submit your application form at the DFA Information counter.
  • You will be issued an Queue number. Wait for your number to be called to start processing your Philippine Passport.
  • Last step would be proceeding to the Encoding section where your biometrics and photo will be taken.


This would be the last step on how to apply Philippine Passport. You are required to wait for at least several days before you get your hands on it.

  • For Applications made within Metro Manila:
    Regular processing – 15 working days
    Express processing – 7 working days.
  • For Applications made in regional offices:
    Regular processing – 20 working days
    Express processing – 10 working days.
  • Applications from abroad: 30 working days

You have to options while waiting for your Philippine Passport.

  • You can personally claim your passport from the DFA office where you filed your application. Please note that DFA requires the claiming of application must be claimed by the person who appears in the passport. No authorized person is entertained.


  • Have it delivered to your home for an additional delivery fee of P150.

So there you have, we’re finished discussing how to apply Philippine Passport. See you on our next tutorial!

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