I Didn’t Received The Email Confirmation From DFA, What Should I Do?


Email Confirmation from DFA website is important in applying for Passport. These emails have great significance in your passport application journey.

We’ve been hearing alot of complaints from our Facebook Page that emails are not received immediately after booking an appointment. This increasing number of concern from Renewaland First Time Applicants fueled us to write this post. Plus, we’re also tired of answering the same question over and over again 🙂

Today, we will discuss what are those emails we are talking about. What are the problem and the possible reasons of the problem and the work around to address this issue.


There are two email confirmation from DFA website that you will receive when you schedule an appointment for your Passport Application. The first one is the DFA Passport Payment Reference Number and the second one is the email confirmation from DFA website about the confirmation of your appointment.

The first email confirmation from DFA website about the DFA Passport Payment Reference Number contains the Payment Instruction for the applicant. This includes the Payment Reference Number, the amount to be paid, your appointment details such as the location, date and time.

It is explicitly stated that the email is not the confirmation for your booking or appointment so don’t get confused.

When you receive the email confirmation from DFA website about the DFA Passport Payment reference number, all you have to do is pay the appropriate amount of the passport fees to your chosen Authorized Payment Center such as Bayad Center.

Right after you paid the passport fees, you will receive another email confirmation from DFA Website stating the confirmation of your passport appointment booking which will bring us to the next screen shot of the first emailbelow.

Email Confirmation from DFA Website

The second email that you’ll receive is the Confirmation Notification email. This is the last email that you’ll expect to receive.

The email confirmation from DFA website about the confirmation of your appointment booking includes the Appointment Reference Number, Site, Date and Time. It also include a download link for your Passport Application Form including the Passport E-Receipt. This is the second email that you will receive.

Email Confirmation from DFA Website

The two two emails mentioned above are essential on everyone’s passport application process. Missing one will result to unsuccessful application.


We have received dozen of passport applicants’ complain that they didn’t receive any emails from DFA Website about their Passport Appointment.

We too have no answer why this is happening. Though one reason for the failure is the huge volume of users of the DFA website which the servers can’t handle.

So if you found yourself in this situation, here are our advice on what you should do.

1. Determine what email is missing?

  • If you haven’t paid yet then you’re missing the first email (see screenshot above) which contains the Payment Reference Number. You may refer to A1 to A3 steps on how to solve your problem.
  • But if are already paid and you’re missing the second email (see screenshot above), refer to B1 to B3 steps on how to solve the missing email.

A1. Accept the fact that the Passport Appointment that you scheduled won’t push through. That means what you’ve done in DFA Website is gone and there’s no way to retrieve it.

Yes, you’ve heard it right. I’m sorry but this is the only thing that you need to do. Accept it and move on #hugot You don’t need to dwell on the negative side that someone from our Government is not doing his or her job properly.

A2. If the email that you’re missing it the one that contains your Passport Reference Number, all you need is to wait for another 24 to 48 hours to pass so you’re previous DFA Appointment will be cancelled.

The thing is, when you scheduled an appointment, you are required to pay it within the 24 hour window given by the DFA. This is automated that is executed by the website of DFA. Since you don’t have any email received from DFA, you’re unable to pay.

If you fail to pay within 24 hours Payment Deadline, the DFA Website will gather from its database all the appointments booked who failed to pay and will delete it after another 24 hours from the payment deadline. This will now clear the name and lift the block based on your email address.

A3. After this, you’re now free to book another appointment. But there’s a probability that the same issue will happen to you where you won’t receive any email confirmation from DFA website again. Here’s a few tip befor doing the booking of application again.

  • Use a GMAIL account. If you don’t have, create one.
  • Try to do the appointment booking during non peak hours. I suggest doing it 10PM to 3AM so majority of the population who wants to book an appointment are already asleep.

B1. If didn’t receive the email after you paid your passport application fee, oh boy, that’s quite a problem. The second email contains a download link for your application form which you need to present when you apply.

The first thing to do is try to compare the Payment Reference number that you received from the first email against the receipt that you’ve paid in your chosen payment center. There’s a chance that you have written the Payment reference number incorrectly.

If you paid the incorrect Payment Reference Number and want a refund, you have to contact the DFA Hotline (632) 834-4000, (632) 834-3000, (632) 556 0000. Tell them your concern and they will be help you with your concern.

B2. If you verified that you have paid the correct Payment Reference Number, try checking your email folders such as SPAM if the email went there.

B3. Last option you have is contact the DFA Hotline (632) 834-4000, (632) 834-3000, (632) 556 0000. This is a technical issue caused by their system. You have to walk them through your issue so they can help you.

Disclaimer: The above mentioned are only tips. We can’t guarantee that the same issue won’t happen to you again. Please don’t blame us because we don’t have anything to do with the errors of DFA website. 🙂 We’re just trying to help.

Don’t worry, everything will be ok. Pray to God that your scheduling of your appointment will be successful and receive the right emails which contains your Payment Reference Number and DFA Appointment Code.

Oh by the way, before booking an appointment, make sure that you have all the complete Passport Requirements and valid IDs needed.

Good luck!

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