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Passport Requirement for Minors


Passport Requirement for Minors is our topic for today. We’re discussing this due to the recent experience we have encountered when we applied for a passport with a minor. We realized that passport application for minors requires a different requirements compared to adults so we are writing this article. A Passport application form for Minors must be accomplished first. Right after filling...

I didn’t receive the Email Confirmation From DFA, what should I do?


Email Confirmation from DFA website is important in applying for Passport. These emails have great significance in your passport application journey. We’ve been hearing alot of complaints from our Facebook Page that emails are not received immediately after booking an appointment. This increasing number of concern from Renewal and First Time Applicants fueled us to write this post. Plus...

What is an E-Receipt from Philippine Passport Application?


E Receipt for Philippine Passport Application is one of the document that needs to be presented when applying for a Philippine Passport. Today, we will discuss this topic because I’m seeing several passport applicants have no idea what an E Receipt looks like or what its for. The main goal of this article is to provide additional knowledge to all passport applicants about the importance of...

Valid IDs Accepted in Applying for a Philippine Passport


Today, we’re talking about the Valid IDs Accepted in Applying for a Philippine Passport. When you arrive at the DFA Philippine Passport Application location, everyone is required to present their Valid and acceptable identification documents (Valid IDs) to the officer in charge who will process your application. This part is important security measure to avoid the identity theft of one...

What are the Philippine Passport Requirements?


Anyone who wants to apply for a Philippine Passport must first secure all the necessary Philippine Passport Requirements before going to the DFA. This is usually done weeks before the scheduled date of the appointment. We all know that Philippine Passport is your ticket to the world so to be able to secure one without the hassle, you need to comply with the Philippine Passport requirements set by...