Cancel Your Appointment In DFA Passport


We have all different reasons why a cancellation of the passport appointment that we have scheduled in DFA website is needed. But for whatever reason it might be, I’m sure that there’s a valid reason behind it.

Today, we’re going to talk about the process on cancelling your appointment in DFA Passport Application. The process is straight forward and easy. Actually, all you have to do is go back to DFA Website and hit the Cancel.

But for the sake of the people who don’t have a single clue on how to cancel their schedule appointment, here it is.

First thing to do is get your DFA Appointment code from the email sent to you by the DFA website.


Copy the appointment code and go to the View Appointment page of DFA.

Once the page is loaded, key in your appointment code and your email address used to schedule the appointment for Passport Application.

Click the captcha button and press the “View Schedule” button to display your existing appointment.


The DFA Website will display the details of your schedule such as your Appointment Code, the DFA Site where you choose to process your application, date and time of your appointment and lastly, the applicant’s name.

From this page, you can see at the bottom are the four (4) important buttons. These are the “Cancel Appointment”, “Download Form”, “Reschedule”  and “Payment”.

For the sake of this article, we will be ignoring the other three buttons and will be focusing on the task to cancel the appointment.

Click the button that says “Cancel Appointment” to cancel your existing appointment.


Right after you click the button, you will be directed to this page shown below.


This page confirms your cancellation is successful.


Here’s the thing, this procedure on cancelling your Appointment in DFA was left out when they upgraded or modified the process of scheduling an appointment.

Let me break it down to you. We’ll discuss first the old process. Before, payment of application fee is not yet done in advance. All you have to do is schedule an appointment from the DFA Website. You will also be receiving an email as a confirmation of your appointment. That email contains your DFA Appointment Code.

Due to the recent change implemented by DFA, the current process now is you need to schedule an appointment with the DFA website. Once done, you will receive an email instruction to pay the Passport Fees to your preferred Payment Centers. That email contains a Payment Reference Number which you will be using when you present your payment to the cashier from your chosen Payment center.

Note that the Payment Reference Number is different from the the DFA Appointment Code.

Once you’re done with the payment, you will receive another email confirmation from DFA that your payment is successful (see image below). That email already contains your Appointment Reference Number or DFA Appointment Code.


If you think about it, you can’t cancel an UNPAID DFA Appointment. This means that if you schedule an appointment for passport application and you suddenly decided to cancel your appointment for whatever reason. Then you can’t do that.

You can’t because cancelling a DFA appointment requires DFA Appointment code. To get the DFA Appointment Code requires payment of Passport Fees.


Every Payment Reference Number issued by the DFA website are required to be paid within 24 hours.

If you try to pay the passport application fee after 24 hours, your payment will be rejected by the Payment Center. It will be rejected because it will show up on their computer that your Payment Reference Number is expired.


If you fail to pay within 24 hours, your appointment will be still be in pending status. Pending but not cancelled. To cancel this, all you have to do is to wait for another 24 hours so your previous appointment will be deleted or erased from the database of DFA Website Appointment System.

Imagine these scenario, for example, today is May 31, 2018 – 3PM and I decided to set an appointment in DFA Asean on June 10, 2018 – 10AM.

May 31, 2018 (same day) – I will receive an email with my Payment Reference Number.

June 1, 2018 3:00PM – deadline for the payment of Passport Application.

Assuming that I failed to pay the Passport Fees, I have to wait until June 2, 2018 – 3PM so that I can set another schedule or appointment with DFA website.

Our job is done here! I hope I explain it well. Stay tune to our next article!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section.

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  • How can you cancel schedule an appointment of passport renewal if you don’t recieve yet the Appointment Code? It is my first time to this…I tried to filled-up an application form for passport renewal online- Tacloban for 26 of September. And when I looked it again, 25 Sept. was available, so I tried it again to fill-up the form but it has never been comfirmed.

      • Hello Ruth, bakit ka po nag cancel? bakit po hindi RESCHEDULE ang inyong ginawa? bayad na po kasi kayo at meron po kayong option na ireschedule ang inyong appointment.

        Yung passport fees payment po? sa pagkakaalam ko, sa ginawa nyong pagcancel, forfeited na po yan. yun po ang pagkakaalam ko.

  • Hi, I scheduled my appointment last August 10, 2018 and wasn’t able to pay after 24 hrs. but until today September 11, 2018 I can’t schedule a new appointment because I have pending appointment daw. But I wasn’t able to pay my first appointment. Anu po yung dapat gawin? THANK YOU!

  • Why I cannot book an appointment .. What’s the problem I didn’t receive any messages from gmail about this matter .. If I want to book an appointment schedule for passport it appears this (The appointment already exists what I can do now ) how I cancelled I didn’t even receive a message from my gmail .. Thanks for the answers .. Godblessed !!!

  • panu kung mali ung na type ko na email account kaya di po dumating sakin ung appointment code maka cancel ku pa ba ung appointment ko

  • I had my appointment but failed to pay the fees within 24 hours that’s why I didn’t get the appointment code. Then after a few weeks I decided to have my appointment online again. But, there’s a note saying that “Appointment already exists”. How will I cancel my previous appointment if don’t have the appointment code.

  • Nag pa appointment po kasi yung kaibigan ko ng Aug. 15 ,2018 sa Calasioa pangasinan ang aga po niyang lumuwas nun nag absent nadin siya sa work niya tapos pag dating niya sa DFA sa calasioa hindi po open yung DFA dun na sabi nung guard eh may suspension of consular services ang DFA bumalik daw po sila after 1-2weeks bumalik po yung kaibigan ko pero wala padin po and nung Aug. 15 nag email sakanya ang DFA na suspended siya kasi hindi daw po siya sumipot nun appointment niya eh kung tutuusin po sumipot po siya nun ang aga po niya pumunta . then ngayon po nag tatry kaming mag create ng bagong appointment pero ayaw po magamit nung code na gagamitin namin laging sinasabi na “APPOINTMENT DOES NOT EXIST” pano po yun? hindi po niya maicancelled yung appointment niya? pa help naman po SALAMAT and GOD BLESS!

  • Hello po.I’m trying to cancel my appointment po.Sumipot po ako nung date of appointment pero pinapabalik po ako dahil kailangan na government id ayaw nila sa supporting id.Ngayon po gusto ko siyang icancel tas ang lumalabas po is appointment does not exist.Paano po?Thank you po.

  • Pahamak na sistema; dapat optional lang pero wala tayong magagawa, nakatalaga tayong mamamayan ng bansang ito. “One of the measures is the launching of the DFA ePayment Portal that enables passport applicants to pay their passport processing fees through selected payment centers nationwide and eventually through the use of credit and debit cards, or through over-the-counter cash transactions in selected banks…Starting August 2018, those who are renewing or applying for passports in DFA Aseana or in any Consular Offices nationwide will be required to prepay their passport processing fees using the DFA ePayment Portal;” alam kong advisory ito pero, grabe, yung parteng required to prepay; kawawa lang kasi yung sampu-sampung mga nagcocomment sa mga thread ng mga nawawalan ng appointment code kahit nagbayad na. Pero, ayun nga, ibibigay ko ang aking tiwala sa mga kaukulan.

  • hello po paano po magcancel ng appointment shedule hindi pa naman po ako nagbabyad ano po gagawin ko hindi ko po kasi tinapos iyong ginawa ko gusto ko po saan icancel na lng kasi d po ako makagawa ng panibago

    • Sa pagkakaalam q within 24hours dinidelete n ng dfa server kpg hindi natapos ung application or ung mga appointment na hindi nbyran at ung mga hindi nakatanggap ng email galing dfa kc nga dka nmn nkaabot dun sa pinkafinal.ung sa payment na.

  • i cancel my appointment today sept 28,
    can i refund the payment? or can i use it if i apply for new appointment. thanks for reply po.

  • Scheduled last September 22, 2018, 13:00- DFA Aseana but did not get the chance to pay it within 24hours. Today, September 28, 2018, i am trying to get schedule again but your system says need to cancel previous booking. It seems that the explanation above is not working.

  • I tried to set an appointment but i didnt continue the process the last process is where i should pay already. My payment is not yet ready so I stop setting appointment. And then now im trying again to set appointment and it says that i should cancel my first appointment. But there is no mail that i had my last appointment. There is no code to cancel it. What should i do?

  • how can i get the new passport appointment, i cannot cancel my previous appointment which is September 13, 2018..
    i really need to get the new passport appointment.
    thank you


    • PWede pa po macorrect yang mali sa passport application mo. Just make sure na sabihin mo ito during Photocapture/Biometrics steps. Ipapacheck po sayo kung tama ang nasa personal information mo.

    • What if po accindentally na cancel ang appoinment ko? I paid already ang confirm . Paano ko po yun maibalik po? Please help this coming oct 10 2018 ang appoinment ko, accindentally my friend cancel my appointment.

  • I failed to pay my passport fee within 24hrs. Due to work. Now it says here that i have to wait for another 24hrs so that i can have a schedule again. But its been more that 3days and i still cant get a passport appointment online and keep on having an error that i have my schedule .

  • I can’t book another appointment. Because I failed to pay the Payment Fee, but it was already expired and still, I can’t book a new application.

  • I can’t book another appointment. Because I failed to pay the Payment Fee, but it was already expired and still, I can’t book a new application.

  • Hello good afternoon ask kulang po if bakit walang nalabas n proceed sa payment kapatid ko Kasi yon. Pano Kaya yon magbabayad na Kasi Sana siya..

  • I need help po. Just wanna clear things right! I am actually worried about my passport appointment, they keep on saying that I already made a new one but I never received any confirmation code nor the email for its security. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME FOR THAT?

  • please do rply po…i made an appoinment for the renewal of my passport yesterday but i failed to pay…how can i cancel it to make another schedule of appoinment..please help…thank you…

    • @aileen kei pamintuan just wait another 24 hours para ma erase sa data base ang data nyo po. Pay di kayo nka bayad ng on time..

  • How can I cancel the prevision appointment that i have applied. i don’t have a code. can i cancel i in a different way

  • i paid already through bayad center then confirmed..then i re schedule my appointment from 10 1 pm..but then again they dont send me the confirmation which is needed to be confirmed within 1 hour only. pag d mo na confirmed forfeited yung binayaran mo..

  • Made an appointment for my father. Already paid the dfa fee and already had the appointment refernce #. I canceled his appointment kasi may mali pala sa psa birth nya. Ano mangyayari doon sa binayad na namin na 950? Pwede ba yun ma refund ng dfa or pwede na yun gawin na reference pagnagpa appointment sya ulit?

  • Hi, please do reply I failed to pay my passport fee within 24hrs. Now it says here that i have to wait for another 24hrs for me to have another schedule. But its been more than a week and I still can’t get a passport appointment online and keep on having an error whenever I try it.

  • Hello, bat ganito padin po???i have previous appointment pa daw.hindi ako makapag pa appointment ulit..tumawag na ako nun sa dfa regarding this kasi po nung nag paappointment ako last yata o sept. Kaso nagkaroon ng technical error so sabi ng taga dfa wait lng daw ng 5days pwede na ulit..wala din po sinend sakin until now na verification code.. ano po gagawin ko??kailngan ko na po sana makapag paappointment..any idea po??

  • Hi. Thanks for your article. My case is different though and I hope that you can also help me somehow. I have a confirmed appointment in Gensan last October 9 and Im from Zamboanga del Norte province. That was the only availble slot at that time. Unfortunately, I have no money to travel before the schedule so I tried to resched it. Luckily, there were availble slots in CDO this time on October 19 so I tried to move the sched. An email is supposed to he sent to confirm it and I did not saw it coz it was in spam mail. So what happend naforfeit ang schedule and the rescheduling. My question is, how about my payment? Pwede ba yung mgamit sa next booking?

    • sa pagkakaalam ko, pag ganitong case na po, kailangan mo ng makipag coordinate sa DFA Office mismo para makipagusap. Wala po kasing option ung website ng refund.

      I just want to give you a heads up ha, possible po na sabihin nila sayo na forfeited na ang payment mo for passport application dahil nagsend naman sila ng email.

      • ikalat natin sa fb para mag viral.. bwisit lang talaga.
        sabi ni duterte ayaw daw nya may reklamo ang tao.. dito puro reklamo..

  • How many attemps can we reschedule pp appointment, I just cancelled my appointment today , by the thought that I have to cancelled first the previous appointment then reschedule it. I already paid the fees can we invoke cancellation reversal or my payment will be disregarded , enlighten me

    • Question po, bakit po kayo nag cancel ng passport appointment nyo?

      Yung refund po, need nyo po makipag coordinate sa DFA mismo

  • Need your help guys, last Oct. 13 ipapareschedule ko sana passport appointment ko since di ako pwede sa araw ng appointment, but their system request to cancel first my appointment before rescheduling again. But bkt po ganun nawala na ung appointment ko, system nila naginform na icancel. Pwede kaya marefund ung binayad ko since hndi ko naman nagamit at napakinabangan.

  • Need ur help po..nagpa appoint po ako sa dfa davao para sa nov7 ok na po lahat nag confirm na kailangan ko na lang daw mag pay i check ko gmail ko wala nman confirmation na pumasok..tapos pagtingin ko kanina sa gmail ko meron ng confirmation kaso expired na ung time.kaya nag attempt ako ulit..ang sabi ung previous appointment ko daw is already exist at need ko i cancel..pano ko icacancel?

  • why is it that i only applied for an appointment just now and i haven’t even confirmed it yet, but it says applicant appointment already exists??? and i need to cancel it first before booking a new appointment.

  • hi po i need your help din po. ngpa.appointment po ako ngayon for dec 13 2018 pero pagtingin ko sa email ko walang messege galing dfa tapos ngtry ako ulit paappoint sabi already exist na daw po yung appointment ko. kung gusto ko dw magreappoint e.cancel ko dw yung prev. appointment ko pero paano ko po e.cancel e hindi naman po ako nakarecieve ng appointment code from dfa. ano po gagawin?pls help po.

  • Hi po, Nag try po kami noon August mag book kaso din namin na tuloy dahil may payment na pala agad. Ngayong October po nag book na kami para sa sister ko pero bakit application already exist parin. Eh ilang buwan napo ang nakalipas.

  • Hi po, Nag try po kami noon August mag book kaso din namin na tuloy dahil may payment na pala agad. Ngayong October po nag book na kami para sa sister ko pero bakit application already exist parin. Eh ilang buwan napo ang nakalipas.

  • i already made an appointment but bakit wala po akong natanggap na email or reference number. paano po ako magbabayad? sana po tulungan nyo po ako 🙁

    • hi po i need your help din po. ngpa.appointment po ako ngayon for dec 12 2018 pero pagtingin ko sa email ko walang messege galing dfa tapos ngtry ako ulit paappoint sabi already exist na daw po yung appointment ko. kung gusto ko dw magreappoint e.cancel ko dw yung prev. appointment ko pero paano ko po e.cancel e wala naman po akong reference number pa

  • Nagbayad nako tapos i tried to resched kasi may mas maaga pa. Antay ako ng antay ng email hanggang sa nakatulog ako pagcheck ko sa email ko need daw to confirm pag click ko sa link expired na agad. Ano yon thank you nalang ung bayad nami dahil sa late dumating email

  • Nakapagsched po ako ng appointment pero walang dumating na confirmation code tapos kailangan pong icancel ngayon para kumuha ulit ng new sched dahil hindi po ako pinapasok dahil wala pong print ng sched dun sa una kong kinuha..paano po maiicancel kung walang code na dumating

    • bakit po icacancel ang una mong appointment? hindi mo na po ba ipoprocess yung una mong appointment?

      Yung different person po? Hindi po pwede yung ganon. Ipinagbabawal po yun at hindi mo rin magagawa sa website. Ganito po kasi ung dating modus nung mga nagbebenta ng passport appointment. Tapos nahuli ng DFA so binago na nila ang sistema.

      • under age kc po ung pamangkin ko na dapat sasamahan po ng mother nsa malaysia eh hindi po makakauwi ngaun dec. po kya plan ko nlng po icancell tapos ung 1 pamangkin ko nlng po ung ipalit. iresked ko po sna kya lng sabi po ng mother mga june next year pa sya makakauwi po eh wla po slot na available for next year

  • Pano po kaya kapag Hindi pa din na-cancel? I mean yung sakin po kasi mahigit 2 months na nung nagpa-appoinment ako Pero Hindi pa din naka-cancel, diba dapat automatic na cancel na yung sakin kasi ilang months na Pero Hindi pa din ako makapagpa-appoinment ng bago. Pano po kaya yun?

  • Hi, nagkamali po ako ng pag process ng appointment ko at bayad na po ako ng 1000. Yung mali ko kasi nawala ko yung passport ko (na matagal ng expired) at wala rin akong copy ng passport id number ko. So sa pag apply ko ng appointment, di ako maka process sa next step dahil need ko nang passport id number if yung type of application na ilalagay ko is “LOST” or kahit “RENEWAL”…. So ginawa ko “NEW” applicant ang nilagay ko dahil my nagsabi sa akin na yung appointment lang yung importante at e verify din naman yung sa DFA na mismo. Since pahirapan yung pagkuha ng slots ng appointment, submit ko agad at kinabukasan nagbayad ako ng 1000. Then na realize ko na LOST talaga status ng passport ko at dapat may additional fee na 300. Anu po gagawin ko? Ayaw kung e cancel sayang po yung pera ko… huhu.

  • What should i do if i don’t receive any PAYMENT REFERENCE#? And when i tried to make another appointment the system says i need to cancel first my prior appointment before i can make another one.


  • Maam/sir pano ko po ba makukuha yung confirmation code ko? I tried to set an appointment po kasi actually 2 po kami, but suddenly pag dating dung sa payment fee na sinasabi I canceled it then basta na lang po nawala without knowing kung ano ng nangyari sa appointment ko. I tried to filled up again but ang lumalabas po is “Appointment already exist……” but then how can I go to DFA Lucena if wala po akong natatangap na kahit na anong code? Please help and answer me po sana. Thank you and God bless.

  • Have a good day po meron po akong previous n appointment sa Philippine Consulate General in Dubai on Sept 26 2018 ..Di ko n po nacancel that time po kasi July nun kailangan ko i renew ung visa ko kaya lng sabi sa agency di ko nrw po pede i renew ung visa ko dahil ung passport ko po is lessthan 6month npo maxpired npo sabi po sa agency need ko n daw po mag exit ng pinas ..kaya di ko npo napuntahan ung appoinment ko dahil aug po nag exit npo ako ng pinas.. nagttry po ako mag p appointment po uli but need daw po n i cancell ung previous ko but di ko po alm kung paano .. salamat po and Godbless!

  • sablay ang system nyo.. wag nyo pahirapan ang mga tao.. pag hindi nabayaran due to some reason sana after 5days automatic na cancelled na. wag nyp pending. ang hirap hanapin ng cancellation nyo sa wesite nyo. hindi lahat ng tao marunong sa computer at may sariling computer.

    • pag pumunta ka sa view my appointment ilalagay mo ung appointment code pero sabi ng system nila appointment does not exist.. pero pag nag new appointment sasabihin may pending ka pa ng appointment at need mo cancell. dimo naman m cancell kasi does not exist na. nagmamadali kami dahil may hinahabol kaming date ng alis.. sana pakiaayos ang system nyo at mabura ang previous appointment ko thanks.. mag 1month na yan hanggang ngaun ganun pa din.

  • Good pm po maam ask ko lng po ngpaschedule po ako ng january 16 pero wlang dumating sa na appointment code.. Inulit ko po cia pero ang nakalagay mo appointment already exist po papaano po yun para macancel po .??

  • Hi mam/sir nag online appointment po ako sa january 16 and 23 pero hindi successful pag online ko kasi wla po ako na received email.Pwede po ba eh cancel application renew passport anak ko si Vinz Julian C. Corpuz pra makabalik po ako ulit mag online renew pasport early january 2019..please reply kasi di po ako marunong kung paano eh cancel online kaya di ako makapasok ulit na mag online renew pasport for appointment DFA Zamboanga..thanks and God bless..

  • I am scheduled for an appointment tomorrow, already paid the processing fee but I cant able to make it for some reasons? Can I still cancel it?

  • This passport online application is so difficult!! How Can i cancel my previous appointment so that i can apply a new one? Please reply asap

      • patulong po, nag set po ako ng appointment para sa kuya ko sa angeles na site dun napo ako sa DFA ePayment Services na po pero hindi ko po tinuloy at I close the site dahil malayo daw. nag apply ako ulit sa bacolod na site pero ito po lumabas Appointment already exists. Please cancel your previous appointment to book a new appointment schedule. ano po gagawin ko?

  • patulong po, nag set po ako ng appointment para sa kuya ko sa angeles na site dun napo ako sa DFA ePayment Services na po pero hindi ko po tinuloy at I close the site dahil malayo daw. nag apply ako ulit sa bacolod na site pero ito po lumabas Appointment already exists. Please cancel your previous appointment to book a new appointment schedule. ano po gagawin ko?


  • Same here nag apply din ako ng appoinment pero walang lumabas appointment code nag re appoint po ako pero ang sabi appointment already exists paano po yan? Hindi ko po malalaman kong anong petcha po ako na at hindi ko alam ang refference number

  • Good day. Panu kpo maka cancel po yung application kpo kasi wala po akong natanggap na ref no para sa babayaran kpo? Dalawang beses po ako nag try ulit pero sabi i cancel daw muna yung naunang application kpo e dk ma candel kc wala po akong nataggap na ref number po?

  • Hi i need help to cancel appointment na hindi ko naman nabayaran. Until now hindi ako makabook kasi nag eerror na kailangan ko raw icancel muna ung unang nakabook. Hindi ko sya nabayaran within 24hrs and it was 2months ago na until now hindi pa rin nawawala ung appointment. Paano ba ako makakapag book nito? Please help. Thanks

  • Hello, I have this problem since June 2018. I booked an appointment but failed to pay the passport fees and I really had a hard time to make an appointment since then. Is it because my payment is still on pending status? What should I do? Do I have to pay it even though it lapsed a month. I need your help please. I really have to renew my passport. I feel so helpless..

  • Pano po i cancel ung di pa bayad na passport nag pasced ako kaso di ko tinuloy tas consider na pala na naka sced un kahit di bayad wala akong code na natanggap pano po icancel un

  • Hi good day. I already booked and paid the amount at 7/11 and now I found out that the information on the nme is typo error. what shall i do?

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