How To Pay Your Philippine Passport In Any Bayad Center


When you scheduled an appointment for your Philippine Passport, you will receive an email where it states that you are required to pay for it in advance in the selected Authorized Payment Centers or Authorized Partners. You will do this process even its your first time to apply or just renewing your old passport.

The screenshot below shows the instruction from DFA’s email. The page contains the Reference Number of your Application, Status, Expiration Date of your appointment, Amount, Convenience Fee and the Total Amount.

IMPORTANT! Please be aware that the all scheduled appointment in DFA’s website are required to be paid within 24 hours. If you fail to do so, your schedule will be cancelled and you have to do the whole process again.

How to Pay your Philippine Passport in any Bayad Center

So before it expires, I decided to pay it immediately.

I prefer convenience so I made the decision to pay my scheduled Passport Appointment for my Philippine Passport Application to the nearest Bayad Center which is located in Market Market, Taguig.

How to Pay your Philippine Passport in any Bayad Center

I immediately noticed the poster hanging in the glass window of Bayad Center bearing the Department of Foreign Affairs logo and saying “DFA Passport Application Fees” are accepted.

How to Pay your Philippine Passport in any Bayad Center

When I entered the place, there was a short queue line but it was moving fast. I asked the cashier to give me the Transaction Form.

Write your complete name (Surname, Given Name and Middle Name), your present address and your contact number.

In the Transaction Details section, write the following in the space provided:

  • Biller – DFA Passport Application Fees
  • Amount Due – P1,250.00
  • Invoice No: – your Reference Number (example:DFF9F9F9F9). Please refer to the email sent you by DFA website.
  • Account Number – same with Invoice No., write your Reference Number (example:DFF9F9F9F9). Please refer to the email sent you by DFA website.
  • Date – date your paying your Philippine Passport Application.
  • Due Date – the expiration date of your transaction. Please refer to the email sent you by DFA website.

Don’t forget to write your signature over your printed name at the bottom of the form.

For the detailed discussion about the Philippine Passport Fees, you may read our article: How much is a Philippine Passport (Philippine Passport Fees)

IMPORTANT! Make sure to write the correct Reference number in the Bayad Center’s Transaction Form. In my case, since I have poor handwriting,  I decided to take a picture of the Reference Number and showed it to the cashier at the Bayad Center. This way, I won’t be worried that the cashier will make a mistake on the Passport Reference Number due to my poor hand writing.

How to Pay your Philippine Passport in any Bayad Center

Hand the Transaction Form to the Bayad Center Teller together with the payment. Your Transaction Form will be validated through their machine.

Your Transaction Form will be cut into two. The top half will be kept by Bayad Center while the other half will be given back to you.

Once you receive back the portion of your Transaction Form, check immediately the Reference Number written. This will make sure that you paid the right reference number.

If you accidentally wrote an incorrect Reference number and it gets processed by Bayad Center Teller, you will have a problem. It’s as if you didn’t pay for your Reference Number and your money is paid to another reference number which don’t belong to you.

You’re done! Any minute from now, you will receive the confirmation email from the DFA website that you have successfully confirmed your Passport Appointment Booking!

How to Pay your Philippine Passport in any Bayad Center

You may now download all documents needed and print it. You also need to prepare all the Passport requirements and valid IDs that you need to submit.

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  • Why very hard to renew passport than previously, not everyone have email and know how it work on computer. This make people suffered.

  • why make us hard to renew the passport, the general public doesn’t know how to make online appointments, only few know how to get it online, concerning the problem of majority, not all have smartphone, laptop’s or a computer or an internet. many are complicated of this new policy. please make it easy and convenient to the people of the Philippines

    • Hi rodolfo, please suggest a new process on how to apply for philippine passport. BTW, this is NOT a new policy. Matagal na po ito more than 5 years na nga ata na online ang passport application.

  • What if i have requested for a new passport application prior to the implementation of the prepayment? I was able to book for an appointment last May 2018 and have received an email to confirm my passport appointment booking, which i did, but I havent paid it yet as there was no option to pay it before the confirmation back then. Is my scheduled appointment (which will be on September 19, 2018) still valid? How do I pay for it? Thanks.

    • I am in the same boat. I received the confirmation e-mail, which includes a reminder to bring the “e-receipt”.
      But, unlike in the instructional posts about e-receipt (like this post), I did not receive an e-mail requiring me to pay in advance and the instructions on how to do that. Neither was I presented with payment options and fees (expedited/ regular) back when I scheduled my appointment online.
      I hope the writer of this post can help us on how to secure a e-receipt, when the system did not give us the option to be able to secure it in the first place.
      I scheduled my appointment back in June, for September 14

    • OK lang po yan, as long as may email confirmation ka ng Passport Appointment mo, wala kang magiging problema. dun ka nalang po magbayad kasi hindi ka po sakop ng bagong rule ng passport application process.

  • what if nawala yung gmail tapos di nakuha yung code ng passport appointment ? or nakalimutan ang password ng gmail ? ano po ba pwedeng proseso , kasi po sa sept 8 na ang sched for passport ?

    • As long as nasayo ang passport application form mo, pwede ka po magproceed. kung wala ka po nun, wala na po ung appointment mo sa Philippine Passport application.

  • These payment centers are not even available in provinces like in Surigao. Its inconvenient to travel just to make for the payment considering the 24hrs payment requirement. There should be an option to pay on the scheduled date considering the people from small towns and provinces.

  • Sir and mam, how about kung nawala ko yung pinag-bayaran kong resibo galing sa bayad center.. magpapanibago pa ba ulit ako ng bayad sa araw ng appointment ko.Maraming salamat po sa tutugon!

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